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One of My Favorite Watercolor Videos

A very long time ago, when I was just starting to learn watercolor, I ran across a tremendous video I found on the internet. It is called “Interactive Watercolour CD” and was created by Peter Saw. You can learn more about the video from Peter’s site at www.paintdoodles.com. “Interactive Watercolour” is a complete multi-media CD […]

Beginner's Watercolor

Here is a painting of mine that I would like to share with you. I painted this yesterday just before the Super Bowl. This scene was taken from the Terry Madden’s Volume 1 – 1500 Series book. I have found this book to be ok. There are some things that you will learn through practice, […]

Stretching Watercolor Paper: An easy way from Joe

Hi all,

As a beginning water-colorist I think I have seen just about every way of stretching watercolor paper possible.  I have seen it done with tape, stables, bulldog clips and even a special frame where the edges of the paper wrapped around a board where they are then captured in a channel with a […]

Welcome to our Watercolor Community

I am Bob Baird and I have created this blog to help others like myself who are struggling to learn how to paint with watercolors.  Consider this site a launch pad to resources that can help you learn this medium. I will find and share the best free information that exists on the internet.  There […]