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Stretching Watercolor Paper: An easy way from Joe

Hi all,

As a beginning water-colorist I think I have seen just about every way of stretching watercolor paper possible.  I have seen it done with tape, stables, bulldog clips and even a special frame where the edges of the paper wrapped around a board where they are then captured in a channel with a rubber gasket.

However, one of the easiest ways I have seen that produces some pretty cool results because you are painting on damp paper that does not run (yes, I said damp paper that does not run) comes from Joe of Cheap Joe’s.  Also, Joe points out that if the edges of your watercolor paper start to curl using this method, or if you just want to make sure they don’t, you can put a few staples in along the sides right through the paper and into the Gaterboard. When your painting is completely dry, you can lift the staples out with a butter knife. This is a lot better than using the paper tape method I have used in the past. Getting a painting off Gaterboard when it is dry is nearly impossible when using the paper tape method for stretching watercolor paper.  The only way I know to get it off is to cut it with a knife and then you still need to get the tape off by soaking and scraping. I think Joe’s method of stretching is the best.

Watch it here!

Check out all of his videos while you are there.


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