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One of My Favorite Watercolor Videos

Paint Doodles an Interactive Watercolor CD by Peter SawA very long time ago, when I was just starting to learn watercolor, I ran across a tremendous video I found on the internet. It is called “Interactive Watercolour CD” and was created by Peter Saw. You can learn more about the video from Peter’s site at www.paintdoodles.com. “Interactive Watercolour” is a complete multi-media CD ROM course in watercolour painting. 

Peter uses small painting exercises called “doodles” to allow a beginner to practice and learn without the challenge of taking on a very large work right away.  If you have a fear of wasting paper like many beginners, this approach is terrific as you can paint a doodle over a couple of dozen times using both sides of the watercolor paper. The CD contains so many resources it is really hard to describe them all. It is like a very large “coffee table” watercolor book covering every possible topic related to watercolor.

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